• Trailside Loaf

    Hot baked cobb loaf with a selection of cowboy butters!!!


  • Buffalo Bill Bread

    French bread smothered in garlic butter & then oven baked till crisp

    -Add Cheese $9.00

  • Cactus Flower

    Onion hand cut & dusted in our special recipe then cooked till golden & crisp ready to dip the petals into our spicy signature cactus sauce


  • Cowpoke Soup of the day

    Seasonal ingredients served with warm freshly baked bread


  • Texas Seafood Chowder

    Mussels, local fish & many other morsels of the sea, served in a hot crunchy cobb loaf


  • Six Shooter Share Platter

    A selection of our signature chicken nibbles, tender salt & sumac squid rings, tongue slappin’ ribs, fresh Coromandel mussels, prawn twister & garlic bread with a selection of tasty sauces for dippin’


  • Trail Dusted Calamari

    Tender rings of calamari seasoned with salt & sumac, dusted in panko crumbs & flash fried, served with a zesty lime mayonnaise

    -Entrée $15.50
    -Main served with green salad & fries $26.50

  • Calico Crispy Chicken

    Panko Crumbed chicken strips tossed in seasoned flour, then flash fried, served with cider aioli for dipping’

    -Entrée $15.00
    – Main Served with green salad & fries $26.00

  • Campfire Mussels

    Fresh Coromandel mussels gently steamed in a creamy coconut sauce served with chunky bread to mop up the delicious juices

    -Entrée $17.00
    -Main $25.50

  • Sea Ranch Shrimps

    Juicy Shrimps, lettuce, avocado & lemon in our own seafood sauce


  • Sheriff Star Scallops

    Fresh juicy scallops, crumbed and deep fried, served with zesty lime mayonnaise

    -Entrée $16.00
    – Main served with salad & fries $27.50

  • Tijuana Caesar

    The classic salad of cos lettuce, fresh shaved parmesan, crisp bacon shreds, spiced croutons all tossed in our dressing & topped with a poached egg


  • Cherokee Chicken

    Marinated & Flame-Grilled Chicken Breast, topped with button mushrooms, crisp strips of bacon, melted colby cheese, finished with honey mustard sauce. Served with stampede potatoes & a sidekick salad


  • Johnny Ringo Lamb Shanks

    Slow roasted in our own sauce ’till-met-in-your-mouth’ tender, with fluffy Potato & Kumara mash, & smothered in gravy, served with caramelized onion marmalade

    -One Shank $24.00
    -Two Shanks $28.50

  • Rawhide Ribs

    Sticky lip slappin’ smoky pork ribs, dusted in spices & slow roasted in our signature tangy BBQ sauce. Served with Stampede Potatoes & Caboose Coleslaw

    – All You Can eat Ribs For $25.95 Only On Tuesday (see daily deals page)

  • Peacemaker Pasta

    Your friendly wrangler will advice you the chef’s pasta of the day.


  • Urban Cowboy Fish ‘N’ Chips

    Fillets of fish dipped in corona beer batter, served with country fries, fresh green salads & dill tartare sauce for dippin


  • Santa Fe Chicken

    Plump Chicken Breast dusted in Cajun spices & blackened baked, drizzled with a mango avocado salsa. With Stampede Potatoes & a Sidekick Salad


  • Indian River Salmon

    Spice crusted fresh salmon, baked & served with spinach, rice, a carrot fritter and a citrus yoghurt sauce


  • Vegetarian Stack

    Layers of vegetables stacked in tortillas then topped with melted cheese, served with fresh green salad & Stampede potatoes.


  • Gold Miners Chicken

    Tender Kebabs of Chicken Breast, glazed with our own special marinade, served with Country Fries, Crisp Green Salad & Satay Sauce


  • Cattlemans Cut

    Prime angus beef sirloin where every mouthful is as tender & juicy as the last, served with country fries, caboose colslaw & your choice of sauce

    -200g $28.50
    -300g $29.50

  • Chaparral Prawns & Scallops

    Three Kebabs of Plump Juicy Prawns & Scallops served with Stampede potatoes, fresh Green Salad & a Zesty Lime Mayonnaise


  • Surcingle Fillet

    200 grams of Tender, juicy full of flavor Prime Angus Fillet, wrapped in Bacon, served with Stampede Potatoes, a fresh Green Salad & your choice of sauce


  • Pure Cowboy Tucker

    Tender Prime Angus Beef Rump Steak. Flavour enhanced by the stonegrill. Served with Country Fries, Caboose Coleslaw & your choice of sauce

    -250 g $26.50
    -300 g $28.50

  • Moroccan Lamb

    Moroccan seasoned lamb skewers, served with a Crisp Green Salad, Rice & Citrus Yoghurt Sauce


  • Surf & Turf Option

    Add Kebab of Plumb Juicy Prawns & Scallops to any stonegrill item


  • Chargrill Steaks

    Served with a Side Kick salad & a choice of Stampede Potatoes, Country Fries or Shoestring Fries
    Sauces: Mustard & Horseradish /Green Peppercorn/Bearnaise/
    Blue Cheese/Cowboy Butter/
    Red Wine Jus/Mushroom Sauce

    *Saddle up Sirloin*
    -200g $28.50 -300g $30.50
    *Sure Shot Scotch*
    -200g $30.50 -300g $32.00
    *Silver Spur Fillet*
    -200g $32.50
    Surf +Turf $8.00 added to any steak

  • Stampede Burger

    Your Choice of Tender juicy Flame-Grilled Beef or Butterflied Chicken Breast, served on a toasted bun, with all the classic burger fillings, crispy streaky bacon, melted colby cheese & onion marmalade, with a choice of Country Fries or Shoestring Fries


  • Bunkhouse Apple Pie

    Homemade apple pie warm from the oven, in a pool of Angalise sauce, with vanilla bean ice cream & whipped cream


  • Moonlight Lemon Tart

    Tangy lemon tart with a confit of orange with vanilla bean icecream & a dollop of cream to mellow the citrus flavours


  • Boomtown Brulee

    Creamy Brulee(ask for today’s flavour) with a caramel crunch topping & homemade biscotti


  • Sundown Sundae

    A selection of ice creams layered with chocolate sauce, almonds & whipped cream


  • Dark Canyon Chocolate Tart

    A slice of decadent rich chocolate almond & pear tart, served with vanilla bean ice cream & a lashing of whipped cream